One other large “freedom rally” befell in Kelowna on Saturday

A group of Kelowna residents continue to oppose health restrictions imposed by the provincial government.

Hundreds returned to Stuart Park in the hope of being heard at a “freedom rally”.

The Okanagan Freedom Rally. (Kelowna) great weather and great people.

– Phoenix (@ KrisKri98094793) May 15, 2021

Some of those present carried signs and Canadian flags.

One sign read “Peace, Love, Freedom” while another claimed that certain health officials were going to court.

It didn’t look like those present were wearing a mask.

Police officers were on hand to make sure the event was not causing any problems.

#Kelowna # Canada # WorldWideRallyForFreedom # WeWillAllBeThere

– Young (@G_P_L_M) May 15, 2021

The rally was followed by a march down Water Street as participants sought public support.

NowMedia contacts RCMP to find out if any fines have been imposed on the rally organizers.

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