Over 50 new timber had been planted at Munson’s Pond by members of the group on Saturday – Kelowna Information

New life planted at park

Photo: Rotary Club

Members of the community planted over 50 new trees at Munson’s Pond on Saturday morning.

14 UBCO students, six Valley First employees, 35 Rotary members and five City of Kelowna employees planted 42 birch trees and 14 red cedar trees.

Rotarian Colin Prichard was responsible for arranging the event. He said he was pleased to see such a strong turnout.

“We are so appreciative of all the help, and everyone was delighted to help. It was such a great community event,” Pritchard explained.

The City of Kelowna and some of the volunteers provided shovels, while Starbucks donated coffee as well as muffins. Everyone spent the morning digging new homes for the trees in an area that needed some new life, according to Pritchard.

“Munson’s Pond is in a low-lying area, and due to natural causes, some of the existing trees are dying. Also, beavers have eaten a few of the trees there too, so it was a natural place for these trees because they need wet ground,” said Pritchard.

Every year, the Rotary Club follows a theme, and this year’s theme is the environment, so Pritchard felt this project fit perfectly.

Pritchard says the trees will be all set for the spring, and will add to the overall experience at Munson’s Pond.

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