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A peaceful protest will be held outside Praxis Church at 228 Valley Road in West Kelowna on Sunday, August 8th.

Kelowna LGBTQ2S + community members urge the Praxis Church for homophobic and transphobic statements and beliefs. “Praxis Church is a new religious group in town that is actively campaigning against LGBTQIA2S +. You are not welcome in our beautiful community where everyone is accepted, ”read the protest Facebook event page.

The Church openly promotes homophobic and transphobic beliefs on its website. According to the Church’s Our Beliefs page, homosexuality goes against God’s intentions for marriage and sexuality in the Bible. The Church also believes that any discrepancy between biological sex and gender identity is due to the effects of sin in the world.

“We do not condone same-sex marriage or a homosexual lifestyle,” says the Praxis Church website.

Members of the LGBTQ2S + community bombarded the church’s social media pages in response, commenting on pride flag emojis and rainbows in the comments. Some biblical passages cited and the beliefs of the Praxis Church are contradicting itself.

“Our people have been oppressed for thousands of years by the Church of which you speak. God forbid we’re trying to switch off passive behavior as if we’re saying our lifestyle is a violation, ”one respondent said on one of Praxis Church’s Instagram posts.

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In response, Church pastor Josh Dool posted a video on Instagram denouncing the allegations.

“We don’t post our creed on anyone’s (social media) site… The creed that is posted on the internet is an internal document. It was posted for everyone who has practice reviewed, ”Dool said in the video.

“As a church, we believe without excuse that the Bible is the word of God,” added Dool. “We commit ourselves to be a church that stands firm and has the clear doctrines and clear historical positions of the church firmly under control.”

But members of the LGBTQ2S + community have continued to express pain and anger at the Church’s creed. Advocacy Canada founder Wilbur Turner said he wanted to raise public awareness of homophobia and transphobia in religious organizations across the Okanagan. Advocacy Canada is currently compiling a list of homophobic and transphobic faith organizations across the Okanagan. However, the organization is not directly involved in hosting the protest.

“Many people are unaware of the doctrines and beliefs of evangelical style churches and how they harm the (LGBTQ2S +) community. It’s not about changing their doctrine, it’s about raising public awareness, “said Turner.

Black Press Media has contacted Praxis Church several times for comment but has not received a timely response for publication.

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