Pet house owners warned after coyote noticed in Lakeview Heights – West Kelowna Information

Coyote spotted roaming

Photo: Facebook/ Elaine Grison

A West Kelowna resident is warning pet owners after she spotted a coyote running around her neighbourhood.

Elaine Grison posted a photo of a coyote peaking behind a fence on Saturday in the Lakeview Heights Facebook Group.

“Watch your pets, this guy roaming around,” she said.

The coyote was reportedly hovering along Bridgeview Road near Thacker Drive.

“Coyotes primarily prey on rodents, and so do us a great service by helping to control rodent populations. However, they are opportunistic hunters and sometimes come into conflict with people as they may prey on pets, especially cats or backyard chickens, or they may see your dog as a threat,” Wild Safe BC says online.

The organization recommends not letting pets free to roam in the backyard.

“Keep your pets inside and chickens secure (electric fencing recommended), especially at night, and walk your dog on a leash.”

To report conflicts with coyotes, call the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

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