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It promises to be a busy summer at RVR Kelowna, and if you own a recreational vehicle you could cash in on that popularity.

RVR Kelowna is an Okanagan business that rents RVs, from tent trailers to 19-footers to full-fledged motorhomes and camper vans. Business is booming, since many people love the RV lifestyle but do not find it economically feasible to buy their own.

This is where you come in. RVR Kelowna has a consignment program for those who are interested in putting their RV in the company’s rental pool. It’s perfect for those who have a motorhome or travel trailer that sits unused for most of the year.

RVR Kelowna will take care of everything from there.

“It’s like if you have a condo up at Big White, for instance, and you put it into their property management rental pool,” RVR Kelowna’s Clinton Dixson says. “They deal with everything. All you do is collect a cheque.

“That’s the same thing here.”

The consignment program offers free, secured storage during the rental season and a discounted rate in the off-season. Your RV is thoroughly cleaned and maintained after each rental at no cost to you, and in rare cases that damage occurs during a rental it’s fixed like new by a certified RV tech at no cost to you.

RVR Kelowna could use more Class C motorhomes, which are between 19 and 26 feet, and it is always looking for any camper vans or van conversions.

RVR puts your RV in its rental pool for the entire summer as part of its consignment program, although you can take it for your own adventure if you provide at least 48 hours notice and the RV isn’t rented.

Dixson said those who take part in the RVR consignment program can earn anywhere between $4,000 and $12,000 per year. Camper vans are especially coveted.

“Those units are a little bit expensive, but someone can easily buy one, put it in the fleet and they’d make their payments back plus earn income,” Dixson says. “So it’s a good investment vehicle, really.”

RVR Kelowna this year is offering camping package rentals for two or four people. For as low as $30 per night, you can rent a complete camping package that includes everything you need like a tent, pillows, sleeping bags, cookware, tools, propane stove and a cooler. Basically just bring food, water and a destination and you’re ready to go.

More information about the consignment program can be found here, while the camping package rental page can be found here.

Photo: Contributed

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