Satisfaction Week formally begins right this moment in Kelowna

After several pandemic postponements, the Pride celebrations are finally returning to Kelowna.

Today is the official start of Pride Week and the Kelowna Pride Society (KPS) has big plans.

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<p>The theme of Pride Week 2021 is “25 Years of the Pride Movement – The Work is Not Done”, an allusion to the beginnings of Kelowna Pride. </p>
<p>Next Tuesday there will be a Downtown Bike Derby and Beers for Queens at Jacknife Brewing.</p>
<p>A trans- and non-binary storytelling evening will be held on Thursday at the Rotary Center for the Arts. </p>
<p>Then the long-awaited Pride Festival begins on Saturday October 30th on the Rotary Commons.  The festival will include a mask-making workshop. </p>
<p>The festival is followed by a Pride Cabaret event on the same day. </p>
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All events during Kelowna Pride Week 2021, with the exception of the Pride Cabaret and the mask-making workshop, are free.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there is no Pride March on the program this year. Still, the KPS hopes that community members will enjoy their creative solution – the Downtown Bike Derby.

The Bike Derby is open to anyone who can ride a bike, and KPS encourages community members to showcase themselves in their best Pride threads. It is requested that attendees register in advance so they have an idea of ​​the numbers.

“We stopped counting the number of times we flipped due to COVID-19, but we know we are not alone,” said Dustyn Baulkham, general manager of the Kelowna Pride Society.

“There’s so much work behind the scenes and we’re all excited that Pride Week is finally here. We hope the community will join us in celebrating Kelowna Pride Week 2021! “

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<p>Colleen Fitzpatrick, executive director of the Rotary Center for the Arts, looks forward to hosting Kelowna Pride 2021.</p>
<p>“We are very excited to welcome Kelowna Pride to the RCA.  This is a perfect way to celebrate connectedness and fellowship after such a difficult and challenging summer, ”said Fitzpatrick.</p>
<p>As with the 2020 celebrations, a number of events will be streamed on the Unicorns.LIVE platform in 2021 for those who prefer to attend from home. </p>
<p>The Kelowna Pride Festival 2021 celebrates 25 years of Pride in the Okanagan. </p>
<p>Earlier this year, the Kelowna Pride Festival won gold at the Best of Kelowna 2021 and was voted “Best Festival”.</p>
<p>You can find out more about Kelowna Pride Week 2021, including event information, online here. </p>
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