Since my son is in Kelowna Common Hospital

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The story of an unheard mental health case.

I am not being silenced.

I’m so over it. I’ve been with my addicted son for 4 years who has been through every “system”, begging for help, using my network, who has been a product of this FAILED system since he was 17th.

My son who stumbled upon marijuana at the age of maybe 14 or 15, which I firmly believe is the “gateway drug” to everything else for certain children. My son, who has been described as the most charming, adorable, kindest and most sociable child of our entire life. My son who had anxiety problems and literally took the wrong path once and decided that this was the path of least resistance. My son who has a good job day by day. This could be YOUR child. Don’t be forgotten. My son comes from a loving, compassionate, supportive home, my son tells me everything. My son shares his fear, his fears, his hopes – my son tells me, his mother, everything.

And now my son is sitting in the emergency room fighting for his life without my being able to visit him, scared, scared and alone.

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<p dir=Do not get me wrong. This is not an isolated incident. Oh no. My son has been here four or five times in the past four years. My son has “relapsed” and has turned his brain into a pile of pulp where he has to use paper to remember his names and the numbers of those who love him. My son has been into drugs for the past four years DESPITE the fact that he had us divided and by his side. My son has fought and hid and tried to be “normal” in a world that doesn’t see as normal as he does. My son has seen so many “experts” telling him how to “be” that he doesn’t know where to turn.

My son is human. Isn’t that enough for you “health” people? My son deserves care. My son deserves respect. He didn’t do anything wrong. He has mental health issues that NONE of you would want to delve deep enough into to help him. He’s ticking four or more boxes, so “obviously” has he, two or less? Well then he’s fine (maybe he just needs a hug from his mom). It has been dropped by more medical “experts” because it doesn’t fit in their boxes than we’d like to remember. If you don’t have $ 2 million or a very LOUD voice, then your son doesn’t matter.

I am not going to bore you with our depressing journey – what I am going to tell you is that I will NOT be one of those mothers who have spoken out AFTER the system fails them. AFTER my son dies. I will now speak to say that I am disgusted with the apology for the “care” my 21 year old son receives, I am disgusted with the way we are treated as a family, and I am disgusted with the apology for the care we’re supposed to accept. Be SHAPE BC, be SHAPE. I’M DISGUST THAT MY RICH FRIENDS ARE GIVING THE CARE

AND THE EXPOSURE YOU NEED TO HELP YOUR CHILDREN WHILE WE SIT AT THE SIDE WATCHING OUR CHILDREN literally die. HARMFUL DOESN’T COME CLOSE TOO. And I KNOW I’ll lose friends who say that, but it’s true. And my son is STILL in Emerge when your kids NEVER got there.

Foundry? Good idea. Really, wonderful idea. I have a vested interest in this center and have been with it since it was founded … Has it helped my son? Or one of the children I sent there? NO CHANCE. It is helpless. And it does NOT help as it should. My son was 17 when Foundry was founded and he is now 21 years old. “Aged out” quickly and still lost. Dreadful. Selfish nonsense. This does NOT help REAL people. Don’t fool yourself

So – put your judgments on the doorstep. My son is sitting in Emerge tonight and I wholeheartedly hope they keep him there so he’s in a safe place because the detox place will only get him if he’s sober on Monday (how ironic is that) . He can’t have any of us in the hospital with him, despite our best efforts, because he’s an adult (he’s scared, he’s alone and has the mind of a 14 year old) … but here we are. Is anyone really interested in hearing from a mother whose child has not ACTUALLY died? Isn’t that making the headlines?

Kelowna, BC, Canada; Shaking your head – this is not a “different” problem.

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