Some Kelowna residents are nonetheless ready for the rubbish service

Some Kelowna residents are still having issues with garbage collection two weeks after the new citywide collection service began.

George Turner, who lives in the 43rd and Erskine area, tells WOWT 6 News that he’s not sure if the trucks will show up on Garbage Day Thursday. “So, you should be here last Thursday to pick it up. We thought you might come on Friday, you still haven’t got it and we’re still waiting.”

Turner says his neighborhood waited about two weeks for their trash to be picked up. “It’s frustrating that you can see our trash cans are full, my neighbor’s trash cans are full, and we have trash that needs to be picked up.”

Turner worries about how things used to be. “The old service was pretty consistent, they came on time, only if they didn’t come on the typical Thursday it was when there was a public holiday, then they came and picked it up on Friday.”

Turner says he called the helpline to ask for help, but all he hears is music. “When I called, they said they had a higher than normal call volume and I was on hold. I am on hold.”

By the time News 6 left Turner’s house he was on hold for about half an hour and the trash in his neighborhood is still waiting to be picked up. City guides tell 6 News they hope everyone catches up before Christmas.


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