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Stroke victim needs support

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Photo: Carissa Links

A Kelowna woman who was described by her daughter as “very independent” now needs help coping with the aftermath of a stroke.

Trina Links, 48, suffered a stroke over the Labor Day weekend and is now looking back on months of recovery.

“On September 4th, we learned that my mother Trina had had a stroke. She is only 48 years old and lives a healthy lifestyle, so this is quite a shock,” said Carrisa Links, Trina’s eldest daughter.

On the left, Castanet tells that her mother just got a new job and was suffering from a migraine headache that wouldn’t go away. “Her first CT scan revealed that she had a connective tissue disorder that made her blood vessels and arteries weak and misshapen, which is why she had the stroke at such a young and healthy age.”

Links says her mother is waiting for more tests, but she has trouble seeing, is in constant pain, and feels very sick and tired, and cannot get out of bed.

“Trina has always been an extremely independent and strong person and is so quick to help others. But now it is time that she could use some serious support. She currently lives alone without the help of a partner to support her through these troubled times. She works full time and runs another business in her spare time, while at the same time looking after her small mountain home in a remote area outside Kelowna that is very labor intensive (chopping wood, blowing snow, and keeping the fire warm). And now she won’t be able to do any of these things, “says Links.

At this point it is difficult to know how much function she will recover or how long her recovery will take.

Carissa says, “I am asking for your assistance in helping her by sharing her story and her GoFundMe page on your news channel as she will have no income for the foreseeable future and will have additional medical expenses and therapy to help her to help regain their eyesight, hopefully. ” , Relieve or eliminate pain, tiredness and severe nausea.

“I sincerely appreciate any help you can offer,” says Links.

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