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The breakfast bagels at Swartz’s come from a bakery in New Jersey. They are prepared, boiled, and flash frozen to ensure absolute freshness. The best breakfast bagel in Kelowna is right here in the Westside area. Shervin Ansari, the owner, says next time he should try his cream cheese, which has chives, capers, red onions, salmon and dill. You will not forget

Swartz’s is known for breakfast during the week and brunches on the weekend.

The bagels come from a New Jersey bakery and are then shipped to Kelowna for final baking to ensure freshness.

The weekday breakfast menu is great. One of the best breakfast spreads in Kelowna. Breakfast plates include eggs, eggs with potatoes, eggs with white fish, omelets, omelets with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce, etc.

The noses include latkes, oatmeal, eggs, fruit, coffee cake, sweet balls, hash browns, etc.

Then you can dig into the specialties such as Blintz, fried matzo, Florentine eggs, corned beef hash, scrambled white fish, Hoppel Poppel (scrambled eggs with knockwurst, potatoes, peppers and onions), lox and eggs, the sink and special lawn and surf that is out of this world.

The menu goes on and on with typical breakfast platters and pancakes served with pure maple syrup.

Saturday and Sunday offers the best brunch on the Kelowna side of New York City. Plates of bagels and anything you can think of … whitefish, smoked nova lox, tuna salad, and a combo that selects the best of everything!

The best weekend brunch in Kelowna also features a wide variety of breakfast plates and noses. If you are near or live in Westside, District 66, Happy Hollow, Westgate, Elmwood, Sunset Hills, Loveland, or anywhere in Kelowna you must see our breakfast selection.

Did we already mention that all types of meat are made and smoked in-house. The fish is bought fresh every day from Absolutely Fresh.

Swartz’s is also a full service deli with fabulous, fresh sandwiches big enough for the hungriest appetite. Large servings of corned beef, salami, whitefish knockwurst, matzo ball soup rated as the best in Kelowna, chopped liver, latkes, pickled herring, hummus, chicken soup and the best salads and salad combinations you can dream of.

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May the Swartz be with you the reader

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