Thanksgiving shared with family and friends at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission

Thanksgiving shared with friends and family at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission

The team at the Mission cooked 30 turkeys and 16 hams for the Oct. 10 dinner

Family, friends and stuffing are the most popular parts of any Thanksgiving meal.

For the first time, Kelowna’s Gospel Mission is encouraging residents to invite a guest to their annual turkey dinner on Oct. 10.

Mandy Phillips, Kitchen Manager at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission said that the ovens have been busy leading up to the meal.

The team cooked 30 turkeys, 16 hams, 250 pounds of potatoes, stuffing and gravy, which will be accompanied by vegetables, cranberry sauce, buns and pie at the dinner.

The Gospel Mission currently houses approximately 60 people. The residents and their guests will enjoy the feast together at the center’s dining hall.

Additionally, pre-packaged meals will be delivered to over 150 people experiencing homelessness around Kelowna.

If you would like to volunteer at the Mission, you can contact them at 250-763-3737.

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