The brand new Mexican place in Kelowna is the true deal?

A new Mexican restaurant has opened in Kelowna, offering a truly authentic dining experience.

“My mother did that at home when we were living in Mexico,” says Ana Tarin, who will serve customers with her brother.

Tarin can be sure that it will be like home with her mother because her mother is the cook.

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<p>“We have the whole family,” she said.  “My brothers, my parents, our new families, my new family, my husband, my sisters-in-law.”</p>
<p>The restaurant is called Tamm and we spoke to them when they were about to open the doors this week.</p>
<p>If you’ve been at the base of Harvey Avenue lately, you’ve probably noticed. </p>
<p>The former Dragon King Restaurant has been painted light green with a large sign that promises a Mexican restaurant. </p>
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Visitors can expect things to be a little different.

Typical Mexican restaurants in Canada tend to have a Tex-Mex influence, but Tamm is strictly Mexican, as you’ll find in Chihuahua south of the Texas border.

“You will see some differences from the typical burritos you tried in the mucho burrito,” said Tarin.

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<p>You won’t see rice in a burrito here and overall there isn’t a lot of cheese. </p>
<p>“We only use cheese on the beans to give it a good taste,” she said. </p>
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The space also includes a Latin American market.

It’s partly for temporary workers who are here from Mexico, but it’s available for anyone who wants to stock their own kitchen with ingredients that are not easy to find here.

“Whatever we use in the house, you can try it out in the store,” says Tarin.

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<p>The salsas are all made in house.</p>
<p>“We have five different salsas from not spicy to very spicy,” she explained.  “We have something for everyone.”</p>
<p>And a quick look at the menu suggests that dinner at the Tamm is pretty good value for money.</p>
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