The hopeful Husker season of Kelowna sports activities bars continues as deliberate

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The Choo-Choo Bar and Grill are usually full of enthusiastic Husker fans on game day, but the coming weekend will unfortunately look like the past few months.

“When I heard that the quarterback tested positive, my procedure was that it would be canceled,” said Don Marick, owner of the Choo-Choo Bar and Grill.

In a season where there was only one Huskers game and fewer sports, it was tough.

“We haven’t been very busy since last week. I think everyone is reluctant to come out and socialize this way, ”Marick said.

Choo-Choo’s isn’t the only West Kelowna bar that relies on regulars and take-out orders. Mommy’s Pizza and Choo-Choos hoping to turn the game on will attract customers, but there’s no makeup for a crowd in Nebraska.

“Usually this is a bonus for us because we can get slow between certain afternoons,” said Mom’s manager Tony Scanlon.

Both institutions stated that they focus on the wellbeing of customers and players. If a canceled plan is required to return to the program, it will be applied.

“I think the majority of people choose to just come for food and take it home and see it wherever they want,” Scanlon said.

It’s a shame, but it’s also for the safety of the children, “said Marick.

Bars and fans keep their fingers crossed that the last six games go as planned.

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