The Metropolis of Kelowna is asking residents to assist water the tree through the dry summer season months

If you live on a tree-lined street in the City of Kelowna property, this summer is asking you to help.

Due to the recent hot and dry weather, young trees that require a bucket of water a week for at least the first three years after planting are having difficulty getting enough water.

“We are currently experiencing an unprecedented drought and not all of our trees are being watered,” said Andrew Hunsberger, director of urban forestry.

“We ask the homeowners to help us take care of the young trees that have been planted on streets and boulevards near their homes.”

Hunsberger added that if residents work together to keep these trees healthy, it will go a long way toward growing and maintaining Kelowna’s urban canopy.

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<p dir=Although residents are being urged to conserve water this summer, young trees will not survive without proper irrigation.

“Water is a precious commodity and we have to think carefully about how and when to use it,” explains Hunsberger.

“But Kelowna’s treetops are also an incredibly important part of our city and will repay us with shade that will reduce water use in the future.”

Local residents are advised to follow these tips for watering young street trees:

  • Slowly drain water at the base of the tree for at least 15 minutes once or twice a week.
  • Water slowly to go deep into the soil and promote a healthy root system.
  • Water at cooler times of the day as trees soak up more water when it is cooler.
  • Remember to water even when it rains. Kelowna doesn’t usually get enough rain to keep our trees hydrated.

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