The Kelowna Crossroads Venture is aiming for a file $ 80 million for TIF | to the state and area

The largest proportion of the 1.72 million square feet of new construction space is residential – 374 market-oriented apartments and 222 senior citizens’ housing units.

The Crossroads Mall is to be demolished to make way for “The Crossroads”, although the nearby destination and the park structure will be retained.


Other division of space: 526,000 square meters of office space; 239,000 square feet of retail space; 170,000 square meters of hotel; 156,000 square meters is focused on entertainment and fitness, 4,900 parking spaces.

The 2,200 stalls garage north of Target (the only store on site that remains intact) is slated to be completely renovated.

Around 1,779 full-time and 1,475 part-time positions (including cooks, event coordinators and retail employees) are to be created to run the campus.

Demolition and construction phases are expected to support 2,400 full and part-time jobs in about four years.

The report adds details beyond what developer and Mayor Jean Stothert discussed last August when announcing the replacement for the dying mall that opened in 1960.

For example, this means the city could buy the 2,200 stall garage for $ 35 million. (Beller said this is still under negotiation.) The city is also expected to provide $ 12.5 million in capital improvement funds to further offset public improvement costs.

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