The Kelowna Fireplace Recruit class begins with coaching

After being greeted by Kelowna Fire Chief Dan Olsen and Mayor Jean Stothert, the newest fire class has begun its training at the Kelowna Public Safety Training Center.

There are 31 recruits in the class that begins the 12 week training process.

This class was supposed to start training in March, but those plans have been pushed back by Covid-19.

“You all now have the opportunity to save lives and change lives,” Mayor Stothert told the potential firefighters.

Battalion chief Coby Werner reports on 6 news items during the 12-week academy. Recruits will follow CDC and internal guidelines to keep everyone safe from coronavirus.

“We wear masks around the clock, every minute you are in this training facility, you wear a mask, we are socially distant, there are hand disinfectants and a strict cleaning policy at the end of each day,” he told Werner.

(Courtesy of the Kelowna Fire Department)

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