The Kelowna firm Soldier Sports activities works with Adidas

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – It’s been a very exciting month for Soldier Sports, an Kelowna company that is on the verge of massive growth. The company, run by Jeff Evans, makes sports protective products with a focus on lip guards, mouth guards, back plates and helmet visors.

It is a partnership with Adidas, the second largest sports manufacturer in the world.

“The Adidas deal completely changed our business and essentially put one deal over one deal. By signing this license agreement, we can get into every Adidas locker room, all these Adidas universities. I don’t know how many NFL people they have, but it’s a ton, ”said CEO Jeff Evans.

The deal has been agreed and will be announced on December 18th at the Freshman All-American Game in Naples, Florida. Not only does the company have roots in Kelowna, but several Huskers players have been wearing its products for years.

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