The Kelowna household is struggling to switch the trash can after the automotive drives dwelling

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The people in Kelowna spent the week adjusting to the new garbage truck.

One of the largest is with these containers.

You have a responsibility to look after them, but what if something happens through no fault of your own?

When a car pulled into Patricia Soash’s home on 30th Street and Ellison Avenue last month, the only thing that might have kept the car from ending up in her living room was her new trash can.

“Look, my chair is on the other side of that wall. And that’s where I sat, ”she recalled.

The trash was spared, but the trash can is now on the other side of the porch, torn and filled with trash.

“We tried to move it [to the curb] but everything started falling apart, “said Soash.

The container that was damaged after the accident is in such a condition. An FCC truck can’t pick it up without spilling garbage all over the place.

The family asked the city and the FCC for a new trash can just in time for their pick-up day on Friday.

“There was no answering machine, nothing,” said Soash.

The FCC has made it clear that it will not pick up any garbage unless it is in an FCC container.

“It’s frustrating. Nobody would answer the phone so we could explain something, ”she said.

According to, a website devoted to the city’s solid waste program, homeowners have a responsibility to protect their carts and not misuse them. With normal wear and tear, FCC Environmental will repair the car for you free of charge. However, should you use something like hot coals, you will be responsible for repairing or replacing it.

“We didn’t ask these people to hit the house. We’re just trying to replace it, ”Soash explained.

What if something happens that you haven’t?

When 6 News called FCC Environmental, a representative added Patricia’s address to the list of homes earmarked for a replacement garbage truck.

“Okay, we’ll add it to our list. We’re going out quite a lot tomorrow, ”they said.

This was certainly an extreme case – but a reminder that the company expects you to take care of your waste bin.

In the event of theft, trash and recycle bins have serial numbers assigned. So homeowners shouldn’t steal someone else’s car.

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