The Kelowna Journey Tech firm Sojern is increasing

In 2007 Gordon Whitten founded Sojern with the idea of ​​placing ads on print-at-home boarding passes. 11 years later, quickly moving forward to what Sojern is today, an Kelowna original with annual sales of over $ 100 million – and dramatically expanding its business to 13 locations worldwide.

Sojern is growing and the company continues to hire both in Kelowna and around the world. Earlier this month, Sojern announced a brand new office space at 18135 Burke Street in Kelowna to support the company’s rapid growth. Of Sojern’s 500 employees around the world, 190 are based in Kelowna and the new office can employ 325 people. Sojern shows the power of entrepreneurial success as a motor for economic and employment growth – the provision of numerous jobs in a cost- and tax-effective way.

“Kelowna was the birthplace of our business 11 years ago and we are very proud of our roots here,” said Brent Brummer, Sojern’s vice president of business strategy, in a company statement. “We continue to invest in talent recruiting from Kelowna because we have had great success. The city continues to produce experienced, hard-working professionals with world-class transferable skills, as well as college graduates ready to begin their careers in engineering. “

The new space, designed by local Kelowna architecture firm Alley Poyner Macchietto, has 53 conference rooms, 190 workspaces, a 4,000 square meter break room and room to grow. Employees have access to table tennis, shuffleboard and three nursing / breastfeeding rooms.

Visit for more information on the new office space.

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