The Kelowna Police Chief is predicted to supply an replace on the shootout

Kelowna’s Police Chief Todd Schmaderer is expected to make a statement about the Thursday night shooting.

Kelowna Mayor Jean Stothert expressed condolences to the victim’s family on Friday, saying that a grand jury would be investigating the fatal shots in southeast Kelowna on Thursday evening.

According to Stothert, the two officers involved in the incident were taken on administrative leave during an investigation into the incident. “There will be a thorough investigation and, according to state law, there will be a large jury.”

It is a policy of the Kelowna Police Department to put officials involved in a shooting during an investigation on administrative leave. The mayor said the two officials involved in Thursday’s shootings came to OPD in 2016. “So you’ve been around for about four years,” she said.

With the investigation already underway, the mayor said a statement from Kelowna Police Chief Todd Schmaderer is expected to be released on Friday. “It will be as transparent as possible.”

Investigators will review the video from the body camera, she said, but noted that it is not the OPD’s job to post videos when a large jury is investigating. “As you know, our Chief of Police worked with Senator Ernie Chambers several years ago to ensure that the results of a grand jury investigation were released and that the evidence is usually released by that time, which is possible, including the videos the body cameras, ”said Stothert.

To ensure transparency, the mayor said the number of shootings involving officials was “very, very few and we would like it to stay that way”.

“It’s always a tragedy when someone loses their life and we don’t like to hear it, especially in this atmosphere we have in the country right now when it comes to gunfights and officers. But we will get to the bottom of this and promise our community that we will take action when it is justified, ”said Stothert.

The mayor said she was “always concerned about the possibility of unrest. Always. ”She hopes this incident“ won’t trigger anything ”.

“We want a safe, calm community, and things have calmed down in the last six weeks … but I know there’s still a lot of trouble out there,” she said.

Stothert said she had confidence in Chef Schmaderer. “He’s going to get to the bottom of it,” she said.

A family who lives in the neighborhood told 6 News they were directly across the street when the shooting occurred. “I’m in shock. My kids are outside – they saw this happen, ”said neighbor Charlene Rainey. “The simple fact that like the police, this man yelled out a gun. I didn’t see that he had a gun – the policeman already had a gun in his hand when they let go of this man. Both had it. “

Rainey said she and some of her family members watched a man be shot dead by OPD officers Thursday night. “I heard a kid in that car,” said Savannah Adams. “A child got out screaming and then there were women in the car.”

Rainey said she was stunned by the scene she saw across the street from her house. “I see two police officers grab a man and pull him away from the car while they spin him around,” she said. “You let go and we hear he has a gun! And then a policeman had a gun in his hand, and then it opened – five or six shots were fired. The next thing you know is that the man is lying down trying to bring him back to life – like they’re pumping on his chest. “

Stothert said she had confidence in Kelowna police chief Todd Schmaderer and the investigation would be transparent. “I think our police department, people in Kelowna know it’s a very good police department,” she said. “I have great respect for Chief Schmaderer and his command staff. You drive a very narrow ship. And everyone who knows Chef Schmaderer knows that he is a no-nonsense boss. He will get to the bottom of it; He will inquire as he always does, and he will be transparent as possible. “

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