The primary ever Kelowna Beer Week will probably be held this fall

Beer lovers will be excited to hear about a brand new event that will be held in Kelowna next month.

The first ever Kelowna Beer Week will be held throughout the Central Okanagan in early October.

While the official dates of the festivities are Oct. 1-8, there are events taking place as early as Sept. 24.

Kelowna Beer Week is a creation of the Central Okanagan Brewers Association (COBRA), which promises that more details will be released as the event draws closer.

But from first look, the week of beer-related celebrations and festivities will focus on a certain brewery or neighborhood each day.

Given the fact that it’s all going down in early October, it’s no surprise that many of those festivities will center around Oktoberfest.

Here’s a run down of where the festivities will take place throughout Kelowna Beer Week, with more information available on the COBRA website:

  • Sept 24: Kelowna Beer Institute (Downtown)
  • Sept 24-25: Lakesider Brewing (West Kelowna)
  • october 1: Rustic Reel Brewing (North End)
  • october 2: Railside Brewing, The Office Brewing, Unleashed Brewing, Welton Arms (Clement)
  • october 2: Red Bird (North End)
  • october 3: Jackknife Brewing (North End) *closed to the public*
  • october 4: Freddy’s Brewpub, Kelowna Brewing Co., Wild Ambition Brewing (Uptown)
  • october 5: Barn Owl Brewing, Copper Brewing, Shore Line Brewing (South Kelowna)
  • october 6: The Hatching Post, Kind Brewing, Lakesider Brewing (West Kelowna)
  • october 7: BNA Brewing, Jackknife Brewing, Kettle River Brewing, Kelowna Beer Institute, Red Bird Brewing, Rustic Reel Brewing, Vice & Virtue Brewing (Downtown/North End)
  • october 8th: BNA Brewing (Downtown) *Wrap up mini beer festival event*

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