This Kelowna Meals Truck Will Depart You Wanting Extra

Quality made food from the heart that you just can’t wait to sink your teeth into is the best way to describe the delicious grub being served at Hermco Streetfood.

From handcrafted burgers and fries, to mouth-watering smoked barbeque brisket sandwiches, this is fast food done right, and it’s located right here in Kelowna.

Starting his business seven years ago in the back of a van with only a portable barbeque, Scott Hermanson has since worked tirelessly to grow Hermco into what it is today. <who> Hermco owner Scott Hermanson hard at work on the grill.”  data-src=”” style=”margin: 10px; float: right;”/></p>
<p><span style=“I didn’t want to be a chef in the kitchen anymore,” explained Hermanson on why he decided to walk away from working in a kitchen to start his own street food business. “I decided to just do it for myself. I went and got a small loan to start with and the rest was history.”

Now he’s creating food that he likes to eat, which means everything is prepared fresh in house and is never out of a frozen bag.

“The common denominator is that all of the food on the menu is prepared by us. We purchase all of our own food and make all of our own food,” beamed Hermanson. “We have a local supplier for all of our meats, Bonanza Meats & Deli. They’re an amazing family run business. We support them and they support us by providing us with quality products that we prepare all of our foods from.”

Right from the get-go Hermanson knew he wanted to make everything himself by using local products from local suppliers, saying he wanted a place where patrons could trust the food that was being served to them, and walk away happy and satisfied.

“We make everything. All of our chicken is marinated in buttermilk and our seasonings. It then goes into our flour and panko dredge. Also, it’s fried to order fresh,” said Hermanson who stressed that there’s no need for everything to be frozen.

“If you own a restaurant, then yes, if you’re a fast food place, then yes, but if you’re a food truck and you care about what you serve people, then you cook it fresh. I don’t want to cheat people.”

Offering a diverse menu, Hermco has tasty creations such as the David Banner Burger, the Texan Burger, poutine, and tacos. For first timers, or even loyal customers, Hermanson suggests trying the most popular item on his menu, the brisket sandwich.

“The brisket is smoked for 16 hours, and is melt in your mouth. It’s served on naan bread with an assortment of toppings like fried onions, cheddar jack cheese, homemade chipotle aioli, and cabbage slaw.”

As for his poutine, Hermanson picked up a few tricks from a French chef who knows how to make fries properly. The Hermco fries are triple fried at three different temperatures so “You get a nice, tender centre and an extremely crispy outside.” They’re hand cut, not soggy, and stand up straight. “We use a quality gravy and a quality imported curd from Montreal.”

Helping Hermanson with this diverse menu is his right hand man Steven, who he met through a festival vendor last November.

“Steven’s a Red Seal chef who likes to cook a lot of different things. My menu had what he was looking for. I’ll never let the kid go. I wouldn’t be able to do the size of festivals we do now without him. If you don’t see my face in the truck, it’s his.”

As for the future of Hermco, Hermanson plans on adding to his fleet and expanding to Vernon. He would also like a permanent trailer to stay here in Kelowna year-round, as Hermco spends a lot of weekends on the road during the summer months, hitting up various festivals and events throughout the Interior.

Open year-round, Hermco’s new hours beginning November 2nd will be Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can find Hermco at its permanent location just off Highway 97 and Underhill Street, in the same space as Skogie’s Auto Wash. Be sure to visit the Hermco Streetfood Facebook page to stay connected throughout the year.

“We cook from the heart. Every single dish that we make, we do it right. That’s our slogan. Its fast food done right. We’re trying to change the world one burger at a time here in Kelowna,” exclaimed Hermanson who promises that if you don’t like what you ordered, he’ll give you your money back. “And I’ve yet to have someone want their money back. It’s a straight guarantee that I trust in myself and my employee that the food we put out, is food we are proud of.”

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