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Photo: Brayden Ursel
Left to Right: Frank Lansing, Carol Semeniuk, David Langton

A well-known glass company in Kelowna is saying goodbye to over 100 years of experience with three long-term employees retiring this week.

Competition Glass, who have been a Kelowna business for more than 40 years, say they’re sad to see the trio jet off into the sunset, but that they’re ready for what’s to come next.

“Even though the new team has to rise and has a lot of work to do to fill those shoes, we’re up for the challenge and to take forward the same philosophies that these same guys used to make the business so successful, which is taking care of your people and looking after your community,” explained general manager Paul Warltier.

“There’s 100 years of window and door experience leaving the business, but also imparting on the team that is here, their wisdom, their knowledge and their knowhow. They’ve left the company in really good hands.”

David Langton, who’s worked at Competition Glass for 40 years, is proud of how far the company has come since opening its doors in 1979. It makes retirement and walking away from what he calls family, just a little bit easier.

“Competition Glass has been a major player in most of the buildings in Kelowna. We’ve been involved in most of the key projects from hospitals to universities to Okanagan College. Most of the iconic buildings in Kelowna, we’ve had some involvement in,” he said.

“The [retirement party] was a big surprise, and very, very nice. It was a proud moment.”

The two other retiring employees, Carol Semeniuk and Frank Lansing, will miss the family feeling of working at Competition Glass, and both agree that the final day in office was bittersweet.

“It’s a mixed emotion for sure. On one hand, you’re looking forward to the next step of life and some of the things you have planned beyond work. But at the same time, you know you’re going to miss that connectivity with all the people you’ve worked with for so long. It’s excitement and sadness at the same time,” said Lansing.

According to Competition Glass, old employees, new employees, as well as business partners, family and friends all attended the retirement party to show their appreciation for their hard work over the years.

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