‘Time to develop up and get my act collectively’: Grand Forks man sentenced for meth possession in Kelowna courtroom

A Grand Forks resident with a history of criminal activity said that he is reformed and is moving forwards, after receiving a conditional sentence of four months for possession of an illicit substance.

Ryan Plotnikoff was sentenced for possession of methamphetamine on Jan. 6, in Kelowna Supreme courts.

Plotnikoff was arrested for outstanding warrants and for possession of five grams of methamphetamine in his vehicle in December 2020. He was initially charged with possession for purpose of trafficking but the charges were reduced to possession after Crown was not able to prove intent.

Plotnikoff has previous convictions including drug trafficking, possession of stolen identification and possession of stolen property.

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The judge told courts that Plotnikoff now has full-time employment. He received a four-month conditional sentence that includes a daily curfew where he must be in his home from 12 a.m. until 6 a.m. He must also abide by a ban on alcohol and drugs and possession of any paraphernalia, and the requirement to check in with his parole officer on a regular basis.

After sentencing Plotnikoff told Capital News that he plans to “grow up and get my act together,”and move on from his past of criminal activity.

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