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A tiny home workshop in Kelowna has a few residents interested in downsizing.

Kenton Zerbin is a tiny house teacher and designer who also runs a YouTube channel on micro-life. He believes Kelowna could be a prime place for a small community community.

“Housing prices are also rising and it is becoming less and less affordable for the average citizen to own land. So we have to think about how we can make it more accessible again, ”said Zerbin. “I think any area of ​​the city that has house prices going up is going to be a great option for someone to buy a home.”

This workshop takes its participants through a three day course that will enable them to design their own floor plans for a tiny home and provide them with the necessary knowledge before deciding to downsize. Zerbin says it’s best to search his workshop before getting involved.

“I’m not here to gloss over things or sell a tiny house. I want to help people be informed so I show them the steps of building, how to design and build one, and they quickly see it’s a lot of work. This is really a crash course for people to check out, check them out before they dive deep, ”Zerbin said. “If you dip both feet into it, do it well informed and don’t make so many mistakes.”

Zerbin says the majority of the people in his Kelowna workshop are seriously okay with moving into a tiny house, but also mentioned that the lifestyle may not be suitable for everyone.

Jon Simcoe is a real estate investor and joined the workshop because he believed that tiny homes are a growing trend with many solutions.

“I really wanted to know about this mini home trend and Kenton seems to be the expert. He came close so every time there is some knowledge I want to learn, I’ll go out and find it, and with such popularity around the Tiny Home topic, be it short term rental, long term living, affordable housing it seems like they could be a solution to some of these different problems, ”said Simcoe.

Gizelle Marin is new to Kelowna and strives to be greener. She believes she can do this by living in a tiny house, and she says she has learned a lot in the workshop so far. “So far I find it very informative. There are a lot of things I’ve found in terms of online knowledge, but this is where it gets a lot deeper and you start thinking about what you actually want in your small space, ”said Marin.

If you would like to check out Kentons Zerbin’s Youtube channel, click here.

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