UBC Okanagan celebrates Worldwide Disguise a Guide Day – Kelowna Information

Books hidden around city

Photo: UBC Okanagan

Lesley Cormac is hiding books all over the UBCO campus as part of international Hide a Book Day.

More than 100 books are being hidden around Kelowna in anticipation of International Hide a Book Day this weekend.

Deputy vice-chancellor and principal of UBC Okanagan Lesley Cormack is leading a group of “book fairies” this week, who are secretly hiding books around UBC Okanagan and downtown Kelowna.

International Hide a Book Day takes place on Saturday, and the university is hiding books authored by UBC alumni like David Suzuki and Douglas Coupland.

“Books offer us an opportunity to understand ourselves and our world through immersion in other worlds, times and people’s experiences,” Cormack said. “They challenge us to learn something new in a way that can enhance and possibly change our lives.”

In a press release, the university says anyone who stumbles upon a hidden book should keep it and enjoy it.

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