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The worker bee can take a breather.

Eric Tucker, 74, of Vernon, who owns and operates an aircraft maintenance program and helps his daughter Dawn care for her bees, is quietly celebrating his $ 500,000 win from the June 8th Maxmillions prize in the lottery Max draw.

“I love my lifestyle – I’m not a big donor,” Tucker said on the phone as he took a break from excavating the honeycombs in his house about his incredible profits.

“It’s more financial security.”

Tucker bought one of two winning tickets that matched all seven numbers in a Maxmillions drawing and shared the prize with a Surrey player who bought his ticket on Tucker bought his ticket from Charlie’s Grocery in Vernon.

“They are always super nice people, I buy tickets there all the time,” said Tucker of his biggest lottery win. “That is bigger than the free tickets and the small prizes that I won.”

It took Tucker a few months to get in touch, waiting for the official news from the BC Lottery Corporation of his stroke of luck. It was Dawn who checked Charlie’s ticket while Tucker was walking around the yard and came home excited and dad said, ‘I think you won.’ “

“Every time you hear that there’s a big winner, you think, ‘It could be me,'” Tucker said. “You buy the dream. That’s why you buy the tickets. “

Tucker loves his job on aircraft engines and says he plans to keep tinkering.

“I dreamed of winning but I’m still not sure what to do with the money,” he said.

Tucker wants to party in peace at home. Saving for his family is top priority for his price.

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