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After being ordered to close the gym is rebranding as an aquatic center (Iron Energy Gym)

West Kelowna based Iron Energy Gym trying to swim away from closure

The gym has been ordered to close, issued a fine and was not issued a 2022 business license

Iron Energy Gym is rebranding as an Aquatic center in an effort to comply with provincial health orders.

The West Kelowna-based gym was ordered to close and issued a $2,300 fine, on Thursday, after refusing to shut down in accordance with COVID regulations.

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Iron Energy also failed to obtain a West Kelowna business license for 2022.

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The current provincial restrictions state that while gyms and fitness centers are not allowed, swimming pools are allowed to continue operating.

The gym management and patrons have been vocal in their displeasure of the restrictions placed on indoor gatherings and fitness centers on social media and are attempting to use a loophole in the restrictions to stay in operation.

Capital News has not heard from Interior Health or the City of West Kelowna about the legitimacy of the rebranding effort and is unsure if the gym has opened a pool inside the gym for patrons to use.

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