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Pizzamoreh closing down

Photo: Pizzamoreh’s Facebook

It’s the end of an era for West Kelowna’s Pizzamoreh.

The pizza joint will close its doors on Sept. 15 after 2.5 years in business, as announced by the owners mother and son duo Patricia Guest and Dax Ross in a Facebook live stream.

“I really appreciate everybody that has supported Pizzamoreh, and we all appreciate it,” said Ross.

“There were a lot of ups and downs and a lot of sideways going, but we still made it through. I’ve been having some issues with myself and I’m trying to push through my barriers that I have and it’s been kind of difficult. I just kind of made the decision, so that’s where we’re at right now.”

Even during a difficult time for both the mother and son, they have been helping feed the firefighters and those displaced from their homes in the area.

“The last week has been really positive. Dax and I have worked really closely together to help support the firefighters and the evacuees and it’s been really great,” said Guest.

Guest said they haven’t had a lease since 2017 when the previous owners sold the property.

“That was one of the deciding factors in my closing, as there was no lease available, and still we’ve tried to get even a couple years, and we can’t. The whole time that Dax has operated as Pizzamoreh we’ve been operating without a lease which is very difficult on a business,” said Guest.

Ross said he doesn’t want to sink more money into a place he’s not sure he’ll be in for much longer, but Guest provided some hope. “The owner has offered Dax the first right of refusal on any building space so you might see us back here, or him back here.”

If you’d like to check out Pizzamoreh before they close their doors, you can find them at 2565 Main Street in West Kelowna.

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