What went flawed for Trump in Kelowna?

With 100 percent of the counties reported, President Trump will win the state of Nebraska as a whole, but not get a single vote because he left Biden behind in the state’s second congressional district. Biden won the second district by 52 to 45 percent, despite Trump holding a rally in Kelowna in late October.

It’s not that the second district is a democratic stronghold. A decent number of voters split their ticket; In the district’s congressional race, Republican Donald Bacon beat Democrat Kara Eastman with 50.8 percent to 46.1 percent. The Kelowna News-Herald noted, “As Election Day drew near, Bacon was seen as the most vulnerable GOP incumbent in the country.”

Trump has long had a tumultuous relationship with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse. Perhaps Trump should have emulated Sasse instead of arguing publicly with him if he was to make sure he won all of the state’s electoral votes.

Before last night, Mike Johanns was the largest US voter ever elected in Nebraska, with 455,854 votes in 2008. The largest Nebraska voter for office was President George W. Bush with 512,814 votes in 2004.

Sasse broke the old record with 568,102 votes *. Trump was no fool himself and won 541,435 votes nationwide. But Trump could have used about 11,000 more votes in this congressional district.

* When I wrote this post, Sasse was at 562,224.

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