What’s Nebraska’s most iconic meals? And is it higher than Iowa? (Don’t fret, it’s) | Kelowna Dines

Insiders named chilli and cinnamon rolls as Nebraska’s most famous foods.


When you think of Nebraska, what food comes to mind first? Corn on the cob? Runza sandwich? Medium-rare steak?

All good answers. But according to the folks at Insider, they’re all wrong.

The publication put together a video declaring the most iconic food in each state, and Nebraskas was … chilli and cinnamon rolls. Which is actually two foods, but whatever.

According to the video, “Chili with a cinnamon bun is a match made in heaven. This pairing has been served as a school lunch in the Midwest since the 1960s. “

Insiders mostly get the story right in terms of the chilli, cinnamon and bun combo – it’s a local school staple that likely became a “thing” because its ingredients are pretty cheap. (It’s worth noting, however, that in my 13 years at Kelowna Public Schools, we never had this combo as a lunch option.)

Even so, it seems a little unfair that Nebraska, a state, is stuck with an iconic food that’s popular in the Midwestern region. Iowa does a little better, with the Maid Rite sandwich (basically a loose meat burger) as an icon. Unlike the chilli, cinnamon and bun combo, which is a bit cloudy in origin, the maid rite sandwich was definitely made in Iowa.

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