Working by LGBTQIA2S + artists at West Kelowna Grizzli Vineyard – Okanagan

The work of LGBTQIA2S + artists is brought into the spotlight at Grizzli Winery in West Kelowna.

The exhibition includes three artists: photographer Jess Beaudin, interdisciplinary artist Shimshon Obadia, and oil and acrylic artist Teshia Saunders.

“We can not only portray art by famous artists, we can not only display art from big cities or well-known community members … we have to make sure that we offer a platform and a space – especially a room as large as we have here – and make sure we welcome everyone to our community, ”said Breanna Nathorst, Sales and Events Coordinator for Grizzli Winery.

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The exhibited works share parts of themselves in every photography, painting and creation.

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For her installation, Obadia used various forms of film and film processing with artificial flowers under self-portraits.

“[The photos are] of me dancing in some of my favorite skirts, ”Obadia said.

“The idea here is that through the practice of self-activism and self-advocacy, I am using the images of myself, in this case being a transgender, queer, polyamorous, pansexual person who celebrates all aspects of my identity and just does the festive movement of dancing in some of my favorite skirts. “

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She makes her artistic debut for Saunders at the exhibition in West Kelowna, where she shares her passion for the environment.

“I tend to do my landscape work and then I also do my work with the ‘cosmic face’ which is my personal favorite and both symbolize how we as humans have our own view of the environment that we want to see instead of the actual effects , which we have [on the planet]”Saunders said.

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The Pride Exhibition can be seen at the Grizzli winery until November 28th.

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